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Welcome to RM Solutions

Welcome to RM Solutions! Your one-stop solution for efficient and sustainable handling of red mud. We specialize in consultancy on red mud disposal and utilization techniques, custom red mud processing for specific end-use applications and supply of red mud to various industries as a raw material. Let us help you optimize your operations and promote environmentally responsible practices.

Supply of Red Mud to various industries as raw material

High-quality raw material: Our red mud is processed and tested to ensure its quality and suitability for industrial use.

Consultancy on Red Mud disposal and utilization techniques

Expertise: Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in the handling, disposal and utilization of red mud.

Custom Red Mud processing for specific end-use applications

Our services are tailored to meet the need's of each client, ensuring that the processed red mud is suitable for their specific end-use.

Explore The Red Mud Revolution 

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Red Mud as a Multi-Industry Solution

Red mud extraction provides valuable resources, reduces waste, and is a clean energy source for multiple industries. Improves sustainability, reduces reliance on non-renewable sources, and is a valuable solution for resource management.


Safety & 

Red mud extraction is a safe and compliant process that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. It follows strict environmental regulations, ensuring a clean and safe extraction process that benefits the environment and the industry standards. 

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Readily Available Resource

Red mud is a readily available resource found globally, making it easy to locate and extract. This allows for wide-spread adoption and utilization, The extraction process is clean and environmentally friendly, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

We Believe in Creating a Green & Resourceful World for Everyone.


About RM Environmental Solutions 

Red Mud Environmental Solutions is a company specializing in the extraction of rare earth elements such as iron, aluminum, and others through the process of red mud extraction. This method not only provides valuable resources, but also provides a source of green energy that is recyclable and reusable.

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Notary Award Nominations


The Earthshot Prize is the most prestigious environmental prize in the world, initiated by Sir David Attenborough and William, Prince of Wales. It is designed to find and grow the solutions we need to repair our planet over the next decade.

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Alexa Young, CA

“RM Solutions is leading the way when it comes to reusable, resourceful and innovative technologies for a greener future.”

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